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More people these days are turning to Colorbond for feature walling in their homes.

Adding a feature wall sets your home apart and really adds pizzazz, simply because of the different texture, colour and design of the metal sheeting. It draws the eye to a special part of the home, enhancing it in a way that is beautiful and appealing.

But it’s not just used for a feature; sometimes it is the only wall cladding used.

Colorbond as a feature wall is popular because it is relatively easy to install. It is light to handle and one sheet covers a great deal of wall compared to one brick – which is certainly heavier.

So the wall can go up in superfast time with less effort. Not everyone is able to do such work of course, and for those who don’t, you will save on the cost of labour due to the speed and ease of installation.

In addition, you can use matching Colorbond sheets to erect any outbuildings such as the garden shed or a separate carport and know that it will enhance your property and not look out of place. Another benefit that many people don’t think about is the actual design of the metal sheeting. Some have a simple corrugated wave such as is seen on many roofs that use corrugated iron, zincalume or – in the past – corrugated fibro. But there is more available than that.

Colorbond comes in other designs that remind one of the straight lines of weatherboard, if it is installed horizontally. It also tends to make a building look wider and longer when used in this way. Even though it is often installed so that the design is vertical, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, changing it to horizontal can really make a feature wall stand out.

When installed properly, Colorbond will make your home strong, sturdy and durable. You will not have to paint it because the colour is bonded to the surface of the steel by a special process that makes it long lasting. It is spark resistant, termite resistant and withstands most weather conditions. And there are many beautiful colours ranging from pale greys and creams to deeper brown, grey and other earthy tones you can choose from.

We are professionals in supplying and installing Colorbond feature walls and Colorbond cladding where it is used for the whole home and outbuildings. We have serviced the region of Perth, WA for years and have many satisfied customers who love their homes. If you are considering having your home reclad or are building a new one, call us to discuss your needs. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding Colorbond feature walls.


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