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The Curved Roof Verandah, Patio or Carport is an ideal addition to the contemporary home, offering style and sophistication with the smooth graceful lines of the curved roof arching overhead to protect the outdoor area of your choice.

With a span of up to 6.6 metres wide, the Curved Patio will add elegance and grace to your modern home, with its clean lines and curves. It is designed to be attached directly to the home and when the pergola or flat roof is added it becomes a unified whole, merging with your home as if it had always been there. The curved roof forms a central feature adding contemporary elegance that will enhance your lifestyle and create additional appeal and value to your home, as well as an enjoyable space that is fresh and light.

Enjoy the Clean, Uncluttered Lines

If you like the idea of minimal beams and rafters, the extremely strong deck will be your choice for that new patio or veranda. The advantages are easily seen in the ceiling-like finish with its clean and uncluttered look from underneath. But it’s not only the appearance that makes it a popular choice; having a large area free of clutter makes cleaning a whole lot easier. There are fewer niches to attract the dirt and dust that tends to accumulate in the great outdoors and fewer crannies for bugs and other pests to make a home in. The results? An outdoor area that is easy to clean and looks good for longer in between. More leisure time for you when you are not forever chasing dust and bugs. More enjoyment of your new outdoor living space. You can also add Roof-lights to brighten up the space underneath even more. We knew you’d like it!

An Ideal Roofing Material Choice

Our curved patio is ideal for when you want to design an outdoor space that is even larger. The use of purlins over rafters in the roof offers extra strength for your choice of cladding. You can use the smooth deck, polycarbonate sheeting that offers a light and airy feel to the space underneath, or corrugated steel that is pre-curved to the necessary radius, which makes installation much easier for you – or your builder. The arched span is ideal for achieving extra colour or light giving you the choices you desire when creating an outdoor space for the family to enjoy. You won’t know how you did without it once it is available for all your new activities.


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