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Enhance your home and enjoy alfresco dining and entertaining with an outdoor living area that is both attractive and functional. This classic Flat Roof Verandah is also eminently suitable for a patio or carport.

A home that doesn’t have quite enough room in it really limits your lifestyle. You don’t like to invite people over because of the cramped conditions. It doesn’t have to be like that. You can create an outdoor living area that is both attractive and highly functional.

This flat-roofed patio can add pizzazz to your present home and enhance your lifestyle. The smooth, uncluttered lines will grace any home and you can use it for a carport, patio, verandah or all three, because it is so versatile.

Flat Patio – beauty plus versatility

The beauty of our Flat Patio is that it can be used as it is or incorporated with one of our other designs for outdoor living. You can add a gable or curved roof, then have the pergola system incorporated into it somewhere to let the fresh breezes through. Or you could choose to have part of the roof enclosed with the louvered roof that closes electronically to give you the option of an opened or closed roof area.

Outdoor living areas have never been so easy to install and so comprehensive that almost any configuration is possible when it comes to covering the area around your home. Imagine just how this will enhance your lifestyle, allowing you unlimited choice in entertaining or just plain enjoying your family life more.

You can use the Flat Patio as a single unit if you want a carport, but why stop there? The strength and durability of the steel material means it can be added to with little extra support. In fact, the beams can span a whopping 8.4 metres and come in two different sizes; 120mm and 150mm. This means there are no uprights to spoil the view.

You can use it to house the car and provide more room for outdoor entertaining, for storage or for the kids to play in. There is no need to put up with being short of space when such an ideal solution can be easily added to your home. In fact, it can be attached to the home or it can be a free-standing unit, giving you yet more choices.

Choose one of four patio configurations:

  • Type One – with a maximum span a 4.5 metres, it only needs one outside beam to support it. However, the appearance is enhanced by using perimeter beams on all sides.
  • Type Two is the same as above except for the feature on an overhang in the front. This increases the covered area to 5.4 metres, for those who want something a little larger.
  • Type Three utilises support beams running across the span. This allows the roofing sheets to run horizontally, thus offering a different appearance that many people find pleasing.
  • Type Four is the largest of all. The extra support beams and purlin that goes through the middle allow a span of 8.4 metres, big enough for all your entertaining, alfresco meals, play room and anything else you can think of.


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