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The pitched roof of the charming Gable Patio is always popular

The open feel offered by this graceful Gable Verandah, Patio or Carport adds charm to your home and enriches the outdoor living space or entertainment area you create. It can be a freestanding unit or you can attach it to the home, enabling you to make wise building decisions that stand to change your lifestyle for the better.

Having an alfresco area to enjoy the cool of the evening will enhance your lifestyle and enable you to spend many hours outside under the shade or shelter of the pitched roof. You can create a comfortable, safe place for the children to play outdoors, or a haven for teens who like to spend time with their friends in a private place.

You don’t have to worry what the weather is doing when you have something special planned if you have an outdoor space that is covered by your choice of roofing to settle down under, protected from the elements. Put your feet up and enjoy some down time with one of our Gable Verandahs, Patios or Carports.

Offering Smooth Beauty

Our exclusive deck used for the gable is such a strong material it doesn’t need any added support. Spanning up to 7.5 metres in width, it allows you to fully enjoy parties, entertainment and the many other facets of family life that require extra space, without worrying if you’ll have enough room inside.

Set up your party under this magnificent gable for the best fun ever. Your extra space will be unspoiled by the need of additional support, giving an added feel of spaciousness and movement.

Multispan for Colour and Light Flexibility

A feature of the Gable patio is the purlins placed over the rafters in the roof. They offer firm support for the cladding, which comes in three choices; Deck with its smooth finish, Polycarbonate to give a light and airy space, or your classic corrugated steel for more protection from the hot sun.

The gable roof of the popular Multispan design will give you a large width of 6.6 metres in which to enjoy your family dinners or after dinner relaxation. Why go without that extra space that will make life more enjoyable for you? The solution is right to hand.


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