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Our Perth Pergola range offers both shade and protection

Enjoy your own delightfully well-lit open-air setting that also improves your home’s appearance and enhances your lifestyle. Many climatic conditions are too hot and dry to allow for many delicate plants that you may love to have. But by installing a Pergola by Iron Design Roofing you can change this and grow what you love – ferns that need extra shade and shy violets with their sweet scent to mention just a few.

While the Pergola is nice alone, adding either shade cloth or one of our Shade Blade systems will increase its versatility and functionality, creating a space that can shelter you and your plants from the hottest sun and wildest rain.

Outdoor Pergola

Can you imagine a span of 8 metres for your Outdoor Pergola? This shows you just how strong and durable the material is. It means your pergola can be designed in many different ways with the option of embellishing it with profiled beam ends for a finished look. You can enclose it with neatly fitted shade cloth of various colours for a permanent shady spot to grow delicate plants and enjoy some coolness that extra greenery will aid in offering. What a lovely spot to enjoy some shade on a warm day, do the gardening you love, or just sit back and enjoy some me-time in the haven you have created. Life was not meant to be one big rush of hard work. It’s time to stop and smell the roses – or any other sweet-smelling flower you choose to grow in your Pergola.

Pergola Shade Blade

Thinking along more permanent lines? Shade cloth is great, but your Outdoor Pergola can be designed with our special Shade Blade system to let in light and breeze while keeping out hot sun. It will also protect from light rain as it has a unique small gutter designed to drain runoff away from the interior. The Shade Blade system has an arrangement of fixed blades to deal with that hot weather you want to keep out.

It is also ideal for installing on the walls of the Pergola as a screen to provide more privacy or give those delicate plants some extra shade from the hot glare of the sun. If you decide on this option the support post centres need to be 1.2 metres apart for the best result.


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