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Roof restorations are more complicated than they may look. If your roof needs replacing, don’t try to do it yourself, even if you are a handyman.

The roof is the single most important element of any building; if it is not done properly it can sail away in the next big storm and leave your home open to the deluge and wind – and all the damage that they will cause, not only to the home but to all the contents – and possibly people living there!

Besides that, an untrained person may not realise that components such as battens need replacing. Working on the roof requires a special skill-set, with training and experience needed to ensure the worker remains safe while replacing the roof so that it is safe and sturdy enough to keep your home safe in the next storm.

Professional roof replacement companies such as Iron Roof Design have all the tools and equipment needed to stay safe and make your new roof one that you will be proud of. We do many roof restorations in and around Perth, WA.

If you are thinking of a roof restoration for your home, it will usually be because your present roof is old and needs replacing. It may leak, or it may just look sub-standard, with mould and mildew growing on the tiles. Tiles don’t last forever and the colour choice is fairly limited. With Colorbond roofing you have a wider colour choice of 22 different shades so it is easy to pick one that suits the other building materials in your home. One thing’s for sure; re-roofing will spice up your home and make it look new again, ensuring that the value is always there.

Metal roofing is a popular choice for a replacement roof these days as you will see by driving around the suburbs. It is not only the more affordable homes that use it. Owners of high end homes also choose Colorbond roofs. The smooth, even design, strength, durability and low maintenance all contribute to making metal roofing the popular choice of many homeowners.

So if you want to deal with roof restoration professionals and ensure that your roof has been renovated to the highest standards, call us. We are proud of our reputation and will do a top quality job on your new roof, whether you have a million dollar mansion or a budget project home. We will be happy to talk over the phone with you or come to your home to take a look at the job. We will tell you all you want to know about getting the kind of new roof you will be proud of.

Remember that a Colorbond roof is not only affordable; it is strong, sturdy and good-looking – a real Aussie roof!


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