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Control the weather as you will

The Sunroof Patio gives you full control of weather conditions under your roof. The electronically operated louvres can open or close to any position with a simple click. Want some more breeze? Need extra sun – or maybe a little less as the day warms up? Rainy-looking clouds starting to hover? You’ve got it under control – electronically! No need to scurry inside with your jigsaw puzzle or crossword.

Guests and visitors won’t need to rush inside and spoil their visit. Simply change the roof panels to suit. What could be easier? Besides, it’s fun!

You don’t even have to get up from your comfy chair. Simply press a button on the hand-held remote and you can have your choice of sun, shade, or shelter. In fact, it becomes even easier! The inbuilt rain sensor will protect your furniture – and guests – by closing the blades automatically when rain is detected.  The louvres interlock when shut to form a ceiling-like profile that is beautifully weatherproof

The Utmost Control

In fact, the rotating louvres can be fully adjusted to take advantage of the overhead sun or they can be left half  open to provide more shade. The angle of the opening direction can be aligned east, west south or north when they are being installed. This will allow better optimisation of light and control of ventilation. Have them angled to catch the prevailing breeze.

Automated Intelligence

The rain sensor automatically closes the louvres as soon as it senses rain. They then form an interlocking profile to give you the protection you need in poor weather conditions.

Superior Design

If you were wishing for a gable roof that could also close and open automatically, we have granted you your wish. The Outdoor Sunroof is available in both gable and flat design, spanning up to 7.2 metres and 3.9 metres respectively because the blades are so well designed they are extremely strong and durable. Made from powder coated aluminium, the special inbuilt weather strip reduces noise and forms a tight seal against rain. So they are not only weather-proof, but operate almost silently as well. A powerful 24 volt DC linear actuator that drives the blades is part of the reason why they have such a long life and reliability.


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We have had a successful 2017, made easier by IDR at our side. Thanks to you, Nick and the boys for your help this year, we also look forward to building on an already great relationship in 2018

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